Estoy Aquí Pero No Soy Yo /

Franz Caba

Exhibition date14/07/2022

LocationAv. Roberto Pastoriza #412, Torre Altri-Tempi 4to nivel, Piantini, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana.

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About Franz Caba

Franz Caba (1991) Dominican Republic, is a multidisciplinary architect and artist self-taught whose work focuses on drawing, installation and tattooing, he considers his his work as an intimate exercise that explores issues around identity, the body and the vulnerable.

He born and raised in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He has a bachelor's degree in Architecture from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (2017) and is currently studying a master's degree in contemporary art at the same university.

Caba has participated in the Caribbean Linked V artist residency (2018). He has displayed his work in the Dominican Republic and Aruba. He was awarded first prize at the art contest, Diario Libre de Arte Contemporáneo Award (2015) and has been selected in several contests in the Dominican Republic.

He currently resides and works in Santo Domingo.

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Franz Caba