Marta María Pérez Bravo

De Tres coronas, 2022


My work has a significant stage of bibliographic research and personal approaches to the broad religious world of African origin, which ultimately forms an important part of Cuban culture. I extract concepts, worldview, ideas, and material forms of expression from reference books and interactions with believers and practitioners of these religions. These serve me to establish a close relationship between them and my own, creating a parallelism between that spiritual richness and artistic expression.

Many times, I confront my own work as one would approach a temple, a church, a sacred place. The spiritual relationship I have with it is the most important, and as a principle, there is a high degree of moral commitment to the subject. I believe this goes beyond the viewer (to a large extent, my work is highly autobiographical). The religions to which I refer in my work maintain a natural level of coexistence between the material and the spiritual world. “Everything” is sacred, permitted, with a very particular code of moral values; the HERE and NOW are fundamental. This produces an interesting and passionate way of seeing life, of seeing ourselves.

The artist always faces their work with as many interpretations as there are spectators. In my case, I cannot expect these religious references to directly reach spectators from such diverse cultures, but I must be my first spectator. I position myself before the work like in front of a mirror, not only facing the difficult task of trying to define who I am but also how others see, or believe I am, enjoying the act of creating in a deliciously selfish way.