Jorge Pineda

Painting: La nada, ca. 2020


Jorge Pineda understood reality as a perpetual interpretation, seeing it as a mask hiding no fixed face, but rather a series of changing masks. What Jorge Pineda did was to open up the potential to challenge the control that fantasy had over people by over-identifying with it, by embracing simultaneously in one space the many elements that surfaced. In a sense, he projected or reflected (once again invoking the idea of the mirror) the inherent lack within the individual, which was also an overwhelming presence of the “impossible.”

Jorge Pineda, a visionary artist, has passed away, leaving behind a legacy of profound exploration into the depths of reality and identity.


  • Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest XIII (1990).
  • Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest XIX (2002).
  • Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest XXI (2006).